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After having successful results of “Spandana”(Corpus fund drive) we have started a project called Sankalpa( “100*100”). What is this Sankalpa (100 by 100 in 100 days)?
We altogether approach and bring minimum of 100 sustain donors in 100 days who can contribute Rs.100/- every month. Main goal of Sankalpa is two fold
  • Need continuous flow of donation for Nilaya Foundation scholoship fund
  • To have minimum 100 sustained donors for “Nilaya Foundation” to ensure that at least 50 students are benefitted each year.
How this project works?
  • Nilaya Foundation Volunteers approaches prospective donors who can become a sustaining donor.
  • Convey below payment option to donor and get confirmation

  •  1) Monthly Rs. 100/- auto debit from their SB /salary account
     2) Yearly / half yearly cheque (PDC)
  • Nilaya Foundation Volunteers need to gather below information from donor:

  •  1) Donor complete postal address and contact number
     2) Chosen payment option [1st or 2nd]
     3) Bank Account Number [if 1st preferred]
     4) Bank Name [if 1st preferred]
     5) SB a/c name [if 1st preferred]
Current Status
1) Around 90 donors have shown interest to take part in this noble initiative.
2) Around 60 donors have been contributing each month for last two years.
3) Why cant you be one among them by sharing 100RS every month?
For any queries or support please get in touch with:
  Mahesh Deshpande – 9448064123
  Prashant Deshpnde – 97422 23017
  Murali Jahagirdar – 97315 41700
  Chidambar Chikkerur – 98443 17480